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<strong>Pierre Wallinder</strong>
Pierre WallinderDirector of Operations
A lifelong sailor who grew up on the windy shores at the West Coast of Sweden. After coming to Buffalo he has taken his Captains License and ASA Instructor credentials (101,103,104). Watch an interview with Captain Pierre here.
<strong>Suzanne Villacorta</strong>
Suzanne VillacortaAttorney & Artist
A passionate water aficionado- she will make you laugh while you will have the best outing to be found on the waterfront. When not paddle boarding she can be seen windsurfing or sailing far out onto the lake.

Our Valuable Team Members

<strong>Alexandra <em>Al</em> Wallinder</strong>
Alexandra Al WallinderSailing Instructor & Visionary
Alexandra “Al” is a passionate teacher who loves children and to see them succeed on the water. She is wonderful with all ages, but is especially fond of the youngest- the sailors in the Green Fleet!
<strong>Jennifer Keppard</strong>
Jennifer KeppardSail Buffalo Wellness Coach
A passionate force who loves the outdoors, Jennifer is equally comfortable behind the wheel as well as just relaxing in the cockpit! She is happiest when she is able to guide students and friends into a healthy life style, ask her about Spark versus Coffee!
<strong>Tim Overdorf</strong>
Tim OverdorfSailing Instructor
Having began his sailing career relatively late in life at 30 years old, Tim dove into the sport with a passion and quickly obtained his ASA 101, 103, 104 and 114 designations. During his eighteen years of sailing he has become an accomplished racer as well as a frequent cruiser in the Caribbean. Recently Tim decided it was time to help introduce others into the wonderful world of sailing and now holds instructor credentials for ASA 101, 103, 104, 105 and 114. Tim believes that it is never too late to begin your sailing career, and if stricken with the sailing bug like he was it wouldn’t take very long before you can be captaining your very own charter boat in the tropics.
<strong>Gustav Gus Goldberg</strong>
Gustav Gus GoldbergConstruction
When something needs to be fixed, Gus is the man. He enjoys working with wood and fiberglass, and we are so lucky to have him with us. He is planning a longer sail-journey this summer, we told him he must come back. Gus was born in Sweden, so he loves living by the Great Lakes. Almost as home!
<strong>Gib Bradbury</strong>
Gib BradburySailing Professor
Our “Sailing Professor”, what Gib doesn’t know, is probably not worth spending much time on anyway. With both ASA and US Sailing credentials, plus his 200 Ton Masters, Gib resides in St Petersburg, Florida. Make sure you ask him for advice before your next trip to the BVI!
JamesAdventure expert
James leads our young explorers along the shoreline, in the safest and most fun way possible. Navy Seals can be lucky if he decides to enroll!
<strong>Nick Wallinder</strong>
Nick WallinderAssistant Sailing Instructor & Co-Founder
Nick WallyWorld graduated from SUNY Maritime College with a BE in Naval Architecture 2016! Now he resides in Cleveland OH where he works for Great Lakes Group. He will also teach sailing out of Cleveland, on his Catalina 27, booking requests can be sent to us or to him directly: – evenings and weekend only. A life long sailor with a passion for everything water, he teaches with both patience and a strong sense of safety. He has a 3rd mate unlimited tonnage USCG license, past Gold medalist of Junior Olympics 420 class and ASA Certified Student 101-103. (Soon-to-be Instructor as well)
<strong>Stuart <em>Stu</em></strong>
Stuart StuCounselor in Training (CIT)
Stu will focus on driving tenderboats, instructing in small dinghies and making sure the fleet is in ship shape. In 2015 he took his black belt in TaeKwon Do, and we look forward to see demos in the Fitness Dome!
<strong>Lesa Quale Ferguson</strong>
Lesa Quale FergusonWeb Designer, Manager and Media Consultant
Lesa designed the new website, manages it and assists with online media. Given to chronic motion sickness, she is anticipating watching her husband and sons enjoy sailing while she takes pictures along the shore. She is a contributor and assistant editor for BuffaloVibe and the Citybration Newsletter

Meet Captain Pierre Wallinder

Sail Buffalo

The Sail Buffalo project entails the transformation of an abandoned inlet into a Community Boating Center that provides public access to Buffalo’s waterfront. We are an accredited sailing school with a mission to create an exciting safe and secure facility on Buffalo’s Outer Harbor, enabling public access to the waterfront through boating, wellness and environmental programming. Our goal is to provide a destination for on-the-water training, holistic learning experiences, wellness and environmental education regardless of income, gender and age, including people with disabilities, and to provide a safe-haven for young veterans and their families.

Our History

Being on the water is a truly transformative experience. After the launch of our unique Eco Floating Classroom 2011, and after merging with Cazenovia Community Resource Center (501-C-3) during 2012, we have finally found an ideal location at 2 Fuhrmann Blvd by the USCG, and created a true Community Boating Center!