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The American Sailing Association is the world’s foremost organization dedicated to training, teaching and certifying schools, sailing instructors and sailing enthusiasts.

Learning to sail with an ASA sailing certification facility gives sailors of all experience levels an opportunity to become more competent and confident in their abilities. As an American Sailing Association (ASA) Sailing School, Sail Buffalo can help you learn to sail, or to improve your sailing skills.

After you finish the ASA  101 and pass the certification exam you will become an ASA Certified Sailor.  Check all ASA Membership Benefits.

Sail Buffalo Sailing School give sailors of all experience levels an opportunity to become more competent and confident in their abilities. Learn more about the ASA Classes at Sail Buffalo.

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We have Adopted Two Basic Class Schedule Formats:

1 – Intense weekend

Starting with a dock session on a Friday ending on Sunday late with a written exam with lots of on the water training in between.

2 – Stretched out with twice a week sessions

Conducted on Mon-Wed or Tues-Thurs. We feel its important you get at least 18 h of training, classroom and on the water combined, most of it on the water. Please enroll in your class couple weeks before your scheduled class. The reason we ask you to do that is because we will send you the course material, so you can study in advance and come down prepared with some of the specific language we use in boating.

Find out about the Class Descriptions and fees HERE!

The American Sailing Association

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ASA Certification Program

The American Sailing Association introduced sailing certification to the United States over 30 years ago. Today, with 300 sailing schools worldwide and 457,600 ASA-certified sailors, ASA represents the largest and most trusted network of sailing schools in the United States. Learn more about The American Sailing Association on their website: www.asa.com

Sail Buffalo

The Sail Buffalo project entails the transformation of an abandoned inlet into a Community Boating Center that provides public access to Buffalo’s waterfront. We are an accredited sailing school with a mission to create an exciting safe and secure facility on Buffalo’s Outer Harbor, enabling public access to the waterfront through boating, wellness and environmental programming. Our goal is to provide a destination for on-the-water training, holistic learning experiences, wellness and environmental education regardless of income, gender and age, including people with disabilities, and to provide a safe-haven for young veterans and their families.

Our History

Being on the water is a truly transformative experience. After the launch of our unique Eco Floating Classroom 2011, and after merging with Cazenovia Community Resource Center (501-C-3) during 2012, we have finally found an ideal location at 2 Fuhrmann Blvd by the USCG, and created a true Community Boating Center!