Jessica Watson get home safe and sound

//Jessica Watson get home safe and sound

Jessica Watson get home safe and sound

The Australian, 16-year-old, Jessica Watson just finished her solo sailing around the world, nonstop and unassisted. Yesterday she finally arrived in Sydney, her home port, after 210 days and more than 23.000 nautical miles sailing.

She have chosen a route that is a traditionally recognized path and distance for ‘around the world sailors’. As this is a Southern Hemisphere voyage the significant landmarks are the southern tips of the American and African continents, as well as some of the most challenging oceans a sailor will ever face.

Congratulations Jessica !

Jessica Watson will get her name in the Guinness Book as the youngest Ever, Solo Around the World Sailing Voyage.

Check her Route:

  • Departing from Sydney, heading to North to the Line Island,
  • South to Chile and Cape Horn,
  • Cape Horn to Cape of Good Hope,
  • Rounding South Africa,
  • Southern Ocean back to Sydney.
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