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Our Boats are Docked at the Sail Buffalo Campus:

2 Fuhrmann Boulevard, Cazenovia Community Boating Center (next to the Coast Guard) Direction: Over the Skyway- 1st exit, turn right, end of street on your right side, gated entrance. Entrance is by appointment only, or, when the gate is open, feel free to walk in and knock on the door to the Interpretative Center.

Sail Buffalo

The Sail Buffalo project entails the transformation of an abandoned inlet into a Community Boating Center that provides public access to Buffalo’s waterfront. We are an accredited sailing school with a mission to create an exciting safe and secure facility on Buffalo’s Outer Harbor, enabling public access to the waterfront through boating, wellness and environmental programming. Our goal is to provide a destination for on-the-water training, holistic learning experiences, wellness and environmental education regardless of income, gender and age, including people with disabilities, and to provide a safe-haven for young veterans and their families.

Our History

Being on the water is a truly transformative experience. After the launch of our unique Eco Floating Classroom 2011, and after merging with Cazenovia Community Resource Center (501-C-3) during 2012, we have finally found an ideal location at 2 Fuhrmann Blvd by the USCG, and created a true Community Boating Center!